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Our Difference

Honestly? Relatability.
There are overwhelming options for health & wellness retreats, and a lot of ambiguity surrounding what that entails and what you'll get out of it.

Our difference is transparency and our commitment to curating experiences for you to feel comfortable and safe to explore topics, practices, and places without judgment, and your preference of visibility or anonymity; it's your journey, and you can design it with whomever you like, whenever you're ready, how often you please, and wherever you heart decides to go -- whether it's the comfort of your own home or one of our destination retreats, it's always your choice.  


Together we will journey to connect to your essence, unleash your power, your life force and sensuality, heal wounds, and anchor into the limitless power of your feminine. You get to re-charge and take care of yourself without the guilt and deepen your experience of self-love, then manifest a new way of being in all areas of life.
Through this intimate retreat, you’ll be immersed in beautiful sisterhood, fun experiences, powerful transformations, and leave with a renewed sense of self connection, self-worth and meaningfulness, and leave ‘in new light’.


Now close your eyes & envision you are:
At a tropical beach with white sand and clear turquoise water, the sun on your face and sand between your toes. You’re fully immersed into the culture, enjoying delicious and nourishing food just prepared for you. You feel relaxed and at ease in your body, surrounded by beautiful women, like yourself, ready for change.


You feel so alive, more connected to your body, your sensuality. You feel more confident to speak and claim your needs and wants. Liberated from limiting beliefs and embodied in your wholeness. You're feeling clearer than you have in a long time.
You're feeling that spark – empowered with strong boundaries yet still in your flow, ready to relate in a whole new way. One you’ve craved but didn’t know how to conquer.

“We’re re-creating our own transformational environments, and the catalysts which profoundly changed both our lives, and wish to offer up the same to our upcoming sisterhood, in Tulum Mexico.”

Give yourself the gift of you & become your own best friend

 Mind Body Healer
41 years age
10 years worldwide experience 

Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about
re-meeting yourself.

Self Embodiment, Sex, Relationships & Intimacy Coach
41 years age
Over 10 years worldwide experience

Sisterhood & Support

You're not alone. You're creating lifetime connections and have found the beautiful company of your true self. Alongside our professional yet personal guidance, connections and support.

6-Step Workshops & Experiences

Release & Heal Wounds and Negative Patterns

Free Time Cultural Recommendations

Embody Your Power

Embrace Your Femininity and True Essence

Good Food, Enjoyed Together

Live True in Changes You've Wished For

5-Star Magical Accommodations

Enjoy yummy vegetarian & seafood lunches, dinners and evening fun… One evening we’ll go out for dinner altogether for a different experience.

Humbling Historic Tulum Ruins (Bicycle/ Scooter or commuter bus ride away).

Rebirth in a Traditional Temescal, we recommend Naga, or Dos Ceibas (7-10min walk)

Fun & Fiery Salsa Dancing & Food Truck festivities, in Tulum inner Town (Scoot/ Commute).

Cleansing Mayan clay ritual, found in beautiful blue Lagoons nearby (Scooter/Driver).

Lounging Day at the nearby Cenotes, and bathe in clear turquoise waters with turtles & fish.

Liven up on Scooter (or boat) adventure through the national reserve, to swim with the wild dolphins & sea turtles, & have a picnic lunch on one of their many hideaway ocean piers.

Alaya is an enchanting oasis in the heart of Tulum. Nestled amongst the jungle trees and steps away from the sea this boutique hotel is cocooned with intimate and memorable social spaces at the edge of the crystal blue caribbean.

REady to START

The greatest, most genuine version of yourself awaits in paradise. Take the first step in your journey today.

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Life can truly be magical. It’s time to find your calling- your sense of
purpose…a journey to be independently and originally you.

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