Taryn Jade; originally from Australia, and working with ‘Mind Body Healing’ 

With 20+ years in the field of the mind & body in correlation with various holistic techniques & practices taught to her during her past 10 years abroad, working all around the world.

“I guide into the self, with self connection, to help teach those who wish to help & heal themself.”

  She hosts a beautiful mix of deep knowledge, presence, intuition and support in such an authentic way, helping those who seek grand shifts and incredible revelations only found and made within the intimate self connection she teaches. 

There’s nothing quite like re-meeting yourself in a brand new environment (even better when it’s a tropical paradise). The self atonement offered when your surrounds help you stay in an almost constant presence, connecting through all your senses, around like-minded people bonding through those same new shared experiences, with the support this brings with it. This absolutely changed & re-shaped my life, self relationship and personal values, & is the main reason I love to travel the world working, creating this gift for others ‘searching for something’ -- usually themselves!


Nathalie Sommer is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach & Transformation Coach.

Nathalie specializes in relationships (with self and others), emotional empowerment and feminine embodiment. For the last 16 years of Nathalie’s entrepreneurial journey, she’s been working as life coach and intuitive guide.

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about re-meeting yourself.

She now uses these modalities to help create powerful shifts by releasing old patterns and combining them with her feminine embodiment and individuals and couples’ transformation work.
I listened to my inner whisper that told me I needed to be in Tulum to celebrate my 40th birthday. 

It wasn't logical but I'm glad I listened. A two week stay turned into an unexpected two-month transformational experience.
Not sure if there is space for this: (When I arrived, a wise local woman told me: "Tulum is special and magical. When people come here, they find themselves in new ways. I also see many people either fall in love or split from their partners." She was right!)
In my time there, I separated from my relationship of nine years (in the most loving way). I also fell deeply in love - with myself! I re-met myself in all the ways I lost and forgotten. In loving sisterhood support, I've found my sparkle again and unapologetically became me.

FALL 2023




Life can truly be magical. It’s time to find your calling- your sense of
purpose…a journey to be independently and originally you.

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